About Us

Though by no means a ‘utopian’ educational choice, homeschooling does offer what no public school can: Quality time with your kids, everyday.

For parents exploring the option of schooling at home in the state of Alabama will find that it is one of the easier states in which to homeschool!

While searching for a school cover for your family, there is no doubt that you have found that many available covers have created rules and requirements the state itself does not require. Rather than equipping homeschool parents to educate their children with greater ease, these cover schools have instead burdened them with additional (and in most cases, unnecessary) paperwork, meetings and bureaucracy. The fees alone can be a lot to manage piled on top of the costs for books, activities and supplies.

Some things you should know about our school:

  • We are a church school operating under the laws of the state of Alabama and as such, limit enrollment in the school exclusively to residents of the state of Alabama.
  • AGAPE New Testament Fellowship Church School is NOT accredited in the State of Alabama, as is the case with most homeschool covers. If you are planning on homeschooling your child, you should become aware and familiar with these laws and how they affect your family. If you will be putting your child back into a public or private school, it is your responsibility to know and meet all necessary requirements. We cannot guarantee that credits earned while homeschooling will transfer to another school setting. Should you decide to homeschool, you accept the responsibility to maintain all records for your child. These records can include, but are not limited to: attendance, transcripts, report cards, etc..
  • AGAPE New Testament Fellowship Church School is set up for families who need a cover school and wish to follow the state’s requirements for homeschooling, without the unnecessary, additional burdens placed upon them by other cover schools. We are an affordable and easy homeschooling option for Alabama homeschoolers. Our fees can be found in the Enrollment Packet, located in the FORMS area to the left.
  • Because we respect the rights of parents in this state to make informed decisions on behalf of their children, we do not require a statement of faith to enroll with our school.
  • Noah Webster once said, “An education without the Bible is useless.” We believe that the Bible is the authority under which parents assume the role of teacher and mentor, and is the foundation of all knowledge.

We encourage you to look to your own peers and family for homeschool assistance, but should you see that you need help in any area of homeschooling- we have provided helpful links to a variety of subjects. With more than 20 years of education experience ranging from preschool to college, we are always willing to answer any questions that you might have.